Did a small promo this weekend for our upcoming Pirate Faire in Englewood.  Did not  go over too bad,.... just a bit difficult trying to promo a show at an event [May Daze] that is done on the water exclusively [the bands are on a barge anchored off one of the islands and the people are surrounding the barge in boats/floaties/rafts/canoes].  We did what we could waving at people and such as we arrived on the taxi-boat,..got onto the "stage" and bantered with the people a bit,... told them about our show [dates and such],..then got back onto the taxi-boat and went back to land.  Drove 2hrs to get to the event to spend 20 minutes navigating the flotilla of boats [i was very crowded with boats and such] ,.... 5 minutes on the mic,....and another 20 minutes out of the area.  Luckily some of the sponsors of our show were nearby this event so we went down there and wandered the beach/pub area playing with people that passed by and generally promoting our show.  All in all the sponsors were happy that we came into their establishments,... the May Daze people were happy we came to their event [the guy who produces that show is also producing our show since he is the go-to-guy in that area],.... and we had fun.

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Comment by Aidan Turnbull on August 2, 2012 at 14:34

Do you know why Pirates get called Pirates?


Just 'cos they Arrrrrrrrrrr

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