Due to commitments with work and study (I get 8 weeks shore time a year) I have been unable to commit the time and effort to my wonderful hobby since leaving the UK in 2010. The plus side of this is I'm being educated in the industry basics as a deck watch keeper and so I am currently learning how to splice rob, handle canvas sewing, tie knots, make a boatswains chair, work out headings true from compass, tack with swell and sea, weigh anchor etc. I'm wondering if there is demand for some guides on  marine basics for living historians as this would double as revision.

On another note I did a bad thing...I bought a new Longbow and arrows...and shafts...and feathers...and rubber blunts. When I get shore side they'll be a very happy English archer running around the sunshine coast. Anyone fancy a shoot? Real life is so much better then the imaginary Frenchmen that populate all Englishman's backyards.

I still haven't join a society out here owing to the fact that I'm currently inhabiting where ever my suitcase lands on that given week, which isn't fair to any group I'd join. So I guess its just backyard experiments till I get my apartment in Fremantle next year. When I do get said apartment the first thing I shall do will be to find the nearest society and begging them to let me train with them.

I'll be revisiting my brewing experiments next time home as well, This time the mead and cider will age for 3 months before first tasting. Corked in bottles this time I think.

I think the bug may have resurfaced =D

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